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For Children Around the World

Eye Am Experience and Sheri Herr (creator of “The Little Guys” Sculptures)
are stepping-up to encourage children and their caregivers to explore and talk about
the emotions they are having during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why do we need to step up?

Over 1.57 BILLION students are out of school worldwide due to school closures in response to COVID-19. Over 188 countries have implemented school closures impacting 9 out of 10 of our world’s students. 53.7 million US students are affected in 46 states.

11 million children younger than 5 years in the US are enrolled in out-of-home childcare. Due to the virus, many parents do not have needed daycare for their children.

Children’s responses to stressful events are unique and varied. Some children may be irritable or clingy, and some may regress, demand extra attention, or have difficulty with self-care, sleeping, and eating.

New and challenging behaviors are natural responses, and adults can help by showing empathy and patience and by calmly setting limits when needed.

Children need quality time with their caregivers and other important people in their lives. Social connectedness improves children’s chances of showing resilience to adversity. Creative ways to stay connected are important (e.g. Writing letters, video chats, or shared projects)

We don’t have the cure for COVID-19,
but we DO have a fun, gentle, and
effective way to fight the emotional effects the virus is causing.

Here’s how we are stepping up for
the well being of children worldwide

Children and their caregivers have the artist’s permission to

download 10 of “The Little Guys” Sculpture images to make personal sets of

“The Little Guys & Gals” Flash Cards & Playing Cards


Download & Make

“The Little Guys & Gals”  8.5 x 11 Flash Cards!

(Teachers & Counselors, send the download link to your students and have a teleclass discussion!)


Download & Make

“The Little Guys & Gals”  5 x 7 Playing Cards!

(Make a deck for each family or class member & create your own unique emotions card game!)

All Downloads include easy Instructions for making your Cards plus
Suggestions to get you started using them.

Download and
Scroll on your

Desktop, Phone, or Tablet!

Let’s do this!!!!!

Have fun making your sets of “The Little Guys & Gals” Cards!

Then, keep exploring and sharing your emotions during the pandemic.
Share if you are sad missing your teacher or schoolmates.
Share if you are angry at the nasty virus for taking away so many freedoms.
Share if you are scared that something might happen to someone you know.

Share if you are thankful for someone you love.

Exploring deep-down feelings with “The Little Guys & Gals” can be your magic cure for the pandemic!

• • •

Place a request to download your FREE IMAGES by completing the form below:
(This request will act as Sheri Herr’s copyright release of her sculpture images to you for your personal use only.)


Use your Cards every day & please keep in touch with us:
Tell us how your Cards are working (and how you are feeling inside and out)

       Let us know the creative ways you and your family are using your Cards

                   WIN A SCULPTURE for “Most Creative Use” (to be announced)

                              Most of all, enjoy your Cards and PLEASE STAY SAFE!



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