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Endangered Species – Fragile Love

Everywhere we read articles and see documentaries about how we need to return to consciousness about our environment. Whether it is a need to develop alternative energies, practice sustainable farming, save wildlife, or increase recycling, they all speak to a lost sight of balance. Why has just one species on the planet been blind for so long to what is happening? Why, with all our brain power and all our abilities to create, have we not seemed to care that our existence is overshadowing all else?

This writer proposes that we, the species that “should” have all the answers, may indeed be the endangered species. Perhaps we still walk (or bike, or drive, or fly) the earth and definitely we continue to overpopulate, but are we really “here?” Or is it possible that we are missing the one thing that would remove our long worn blinders with respect to our planet and all its inhabitants.

Every time I watch a program about saving our planet I have this nudge that happens within me that says, “If we only understood how fragile we are as humans, then perhaps we could understand just how out of balance we’ve become.” I don’t really say that out loud anywhere because surely I would get some strange stares. But the more damage I see happening, the more millions I become aware are being spent by special interest groups, the more time passes, I have to begin wondering if it’s time to speak up – regardless of the strange looks! Perhaps it is time to stop standing on the sidelines, holding in my heart what might be a critical piece to solving this problem of our destruction of our planet.

For many years I have been engaged as an artist in what is call healing work. Although the “healing” facilitated by my work applies to humans, I know that for every human that heals, a soul that cares more deeply is reborn. There is a return to compassion for so much when one finds compassion for self and self’s journey. This has brought me to a deep belief that the species that is endangered on our planet may very well be we the humans. What if it’s not that we are becoming extinct by numbers but rather we have lost our ability, perhaps instinct, to care? Have we lost our connection with all else around us because we have lost that with which to connect? Is something within us extinct?


Stay tuned for the posting of the remainder of this exploration.