“Little Guys & Gals” Cards for Kids



Download your FREE sets of 8″ x 10″ Flash Cards or a set of 5″ x 7″ Playing Cards complements of sculpture artist, Sheri Herr. As our world is grappling with the Coronavirus and the not-so-fun changes we have to make to save lives, it’s important to explore and talk about the emotions you are having. Are you scared about something? Do you miss your schoolmates and Teacher? Is it hard to be with your family every day, all day? Are you angry at the horrible coronavirus?! “The Little Guys & Gals” Cards will create avenues for you (and your family) to explore and share your emotions in a gentle and fun way.


Each set has 10 feeling images that come with Instructions for making your Cards and some Suggestions of how you might use your cards to get you started. These images are all about YOU. Use your imagination to create ways that fit you (or work with your family), so you can be in touch with how you are feeling each day! Allowing your true feelings with love reduces stress, makes you feel happier, and is good for your immune system (which helps your physical health!)


So get going! Download the Set(s) you prefer (size or background color), Print the images, and have fun making your Cards today!


ALSO: Write Sheri about how you and your family are doing and how you are using your Cards. She’d LOVE to hear from you (HINT: she loves pics and videos!). Contact the Artist Here  (psssst….Sheri will be giving Sculptures away to the kids whose emails make her smile the most!)