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By Sheri Herr



Here I am, embarking on a new life adventure as a blogger. Who knew!

I best begin with an exercise I still need to practice periodically, facing my fear by acknowledging its presence. I am definitely feeling trepidation and dread about writing this blog. I am a visual artist, NOT a writer! In fact, I often struggle with even the slightest need to write anything!

As we travel forward, you will primarily be reading excerpts directly from my journal pages (which weren’t always pretty!). One doesn’t journal for purpose of publication (quite the opposite!). It is however a highly personal exercise that can be an amazing tool for self-discovery and personal growth. In retrospect, I imagine I found it successful primarily because of one thing – when journaling I completely suspended judgment of what I was writing because no one would ever see it. That attitude may not work here!

My inexpiable instinct to let go was a BIG DEAL because self-judgment came first, last and in the middle of EVERYTHING in my life. Over the decades, I rarely looked back at previous writings and definitely didn’t edit! After all, no one was ever going to see what I was writing. (gulp)

I respectfully ask that you enter into my world with the same non-judgment if possible. Please forgive the typos or grammatically incorrect sentences (not to mention the run on ones!). To meet the challenge of writing this blog, I intend to let myself off the hook with regard to the writing skills I don’t have. I hope you too will cut me the same slack. Perhaps we can both remember as we walk here together that, despite a lack of acumen for writing, I am as gloriously a human as you are.

WHY SHARE THE DIALOGUES?ImaginaryFriends_last_all.figures2

Often I have reflected with humility and amazement at the incredible guidance I “receive” from The Great Spirits. I’ve always wished that others could benefit as I have from their wisdom, truth and love. I am truly excited to have this avenue, called a Blog, to share what I have received.

It can be difficult to put words to what this unusual aspect of my life is like. Yet, in many ways, the presence of The Great Spirits feels natural, not extraordinary at all. One might wonder if this is some special ability to “receive” or “hear” that I have or is it a great blessing bestowed on my life.

I simply never asked these questions. I began to journal early in my formal therapy, which started about a year and a half after my husband’s death. I was forty at the time and attempting to move forward listening to advice like “time will heal you” or “it will make you stronger”. Slowly I struggled more and more, carrying with me the unprocessed deaths of my parent earlier in my life. I will ever be grateful to my therapist who made me so angry during my third session that I had to take all the rage I was feeling to paper and pen! From that day forward, my journals became my confidant, my savior, and THE way of “seeing” me within.

The “guidance” began to arrive in the midst of journaling a year or so later. The handwriting was completely different and looked authoritative in its own way. In other words, it got my attention! The experience was so extraordinary that all I could do was chose to allow it through my hand and then respond.

Perhaps having experienced so much death in my life and being forced to start over so many times, I had an unusual comfort level for the unknown that helped me open to this happening . At my core, I KNEW that I never really knew what was going to happen to me because I’d lived that all my life.

The acceptance of the unknown however does not mean I didn’t have extreme control issues. I definitely DID and it became a recurring lesson in the Dialogues for many years. Yet, somehow, this foreign “input” felt so right and so safe that there was no real resistance within me for it.

Each dialogue I intend to share here is deeply intimate for me. They occurred in relation to inner conflicts raised in my daily life. Whether struggling with a relationship, grappling with negative feelings about myself, stumbling through parenting or working through an “issues” that needed to be tackled, the guidance came to help me. I’d say in general they were always about how to “see” from a new place within me and based on Truths I’d never heard before. Although being personally helped, I always knew somehow that what I was receiving was universal.


Choosing to keep “listening” and working toward integrating what I received was easy. Each dialogued changed my perspective so positively that my ability to deal with life improved day-by-day. There was no doubting that I was “hearing from” or “writing with” something or some entity far wiser than I!

I didn’t think I was crazy (although at times I wondered if I was making it all up – I do have a healthy imagination!). My only need was to have some kind of general feeling of “whom” or “what” was helping me. In essence, I needed a name. Over the years, the frame of reference changed, progressing from an inner child, to a Mother, to a Spirit, and finally to The Great Spirits.

HOW DID THE DIALOGUES BEGIN?Christmas day in Chicago 001

My first experience of dialoguing occurred during one of my daily journaling sessions. The unexpected conversation that ensued was with what felt to be a lost child within. She wanted to be acknowledged and heard.

I was at the time in an intense healing process with a therapist. Always a “do it myself” type person, the decision to reach for help was a difficult one. Once made, I was open to what might come and thus open to hear (see) the writings from this tiny soul within.

Through our dialogues, I learned it was not she that was lost but rather me! In fact, she insisted that I purchase a journal and pink pen that was only for her.

This child was obviously wise and, although sometimes justifiably angry for my desertion of her early in my life, she was always loving and patience. It was up to me how much I would allow her to speak (writing in a childlike hand). I had to ask for her presence. If I wasn’t truly open to listen, she would not communicate. Somewhere along the way, I began to refer to her as Little Purple and associated her with my true and honest feelings.

Next, The Mother arrived. She was only present a short time and was definitely coming from somewhere outside of me. Her guidance was like some kind of heavy duty authoritarian. These dialogues were never in writing. My first awareness of “her” was abrupt, disorienting and even scary. She completely blocked communication with my guiding light, Little Purple. I can only remember feeling desperation because she had taken away my feelings.

For several days, I suffered in a relentless world that moved so fast I didn’t think I would survive. I found it impossible to think straight or to use my usual journaling skills to remain centered. Every moment there was only doing, and doing and doing at high speed!

Finally my feelings were returned. Talk about learning the importance of feelings first hand! Without them there was no experience at all, just doing! The Mother informed that I was to become an “instrument” (not that I understood what that meant for some time) and she taught me the importance, indeed necessity, of letting go.

For many years after, the guidance I received felt as if it came from outside of me (as opposed to Little Purple who spoke from inside). Communicating with Little Purple returned with my feelings but a new “voice” or source also arrived that I initially referred to as an Entity”. Eventually I began to call the entity Purple.

Over the course of several years, Purple guided me through deeper and deeper levels of healing and transformation. Purple brought the awareness of my Life Purpose to create avenues for self-discovery. I did not know at the time that the “avenues” would be artworks and probably wouldn’t have believed it anyway since I was not an artist at the time.

Purple guided me to the presence of a purple light within and taught me how to live from that light with love. Even though I had never felt so safe, trusting or so loved as I did in my relationship with Purple, it took me three years before I had the courage to ask, “Who are you?”

I began to receive “feeling drawings” (now known as “The Little Guys”) several years into being guided by Purple. As a result, I stepped into a new life of creating art and found myself on a whirlwind journey sharing it. I continued to journal but as the miracles continued to rapidly unfold, I began again to lose the deep connection I had gained with myself.

One day I will share the amazing story about the contact I received from a Cherokee Shaman that led me to discover my old soul, Kahlama (her lifetime being some time between 3000-2000 BC). During a seven-day intensive process, with the Shaman’s guidance, I began to receive instruction through dialogues with Kahlama.

On the fifth day of the process, she and I were “called to sit with” The Great Spirits to receive instruction. It was in this sitting that I learned Purple was one of the Seven Great Spirits. It is the harmonious voices of all The Great Spirits that now guide me from within


The only way I know to answer this question is to speak of my experiences with and of them. Certainly, they have informed me enough to understand why they are in my life.

In retrospect, I imagine my inability to open myself wide enough to accept that I was communicating with something so huge made it necessary to go through the progression from child to all seven Spirits.

What I “hear” or “write” with them, no matter which entity I relate with, has always been similar. It’s like a voice delivering an instant knowing full of love, acceptance, honor, caring, and purpose. Did I mention, delivered in way that conveys it is just how it IS.

The guidance always appears very simple, so simple it is difficult to wrap one’s head around; usual verbiage is altered to achieve the simplicity. Only with the joining of thought and heart (feelings), can the guidance be internalized. Often, as I evolved, I experienced dialogues that backtracked to past lessons. Again and again, I experienced the feeling of, “Duh! I guess I didn’t totally “get” that before!”

Why are there seven Spirits? Kahlama gave me this instruction – each Spirit is a given energy force and that the seven energies together create harmony. Each individual energy vibration is associate with the vibration of a color and a particular type of Life Purpose. Purple guided me initially because my Life Purpose Energy is Purple. My simple answer to why seven Spirits is: because that’s what it takes to make a rainbow!

Is what I “hear” the voice of a higher being or God or of my highest wisdom connected to all? I can’t really say. I can say that what has happened in my life with this open connection has been so incredible that it doesn’t really matter to me who or what the source is.

It is the voice of Universal Truth and it contains what we have been missing (forgotten) that is causing humankind to struggle. I deeply believe that everyone has the ability to hear both their personal truth as well as the Universal Truths if we are open to receive. They reside in each of us. We just need to go deep within to find what we have lost or forgotten.

I’ll do my best to post a new entry here as often as possible (after all we have twenty-five years of dialogues to cover!). I also plan to share the artworks I was creating at the time of any given dialogue (you already know how I feel about a picture being easier than a thousand words!)

If you find yourself wondering whether I’ve received guidance from The Great Spirits about a particular feeling, situation, or unresolved issue, please feel free to send me your questions. I’m happy to know your heart’s desire for our mutual journey together. You can contact me here.

Thank you for joining me here. I hope you will choose to follow along as I share the many Great Spirit Dialogues. If you like, subscribe below to be notified when each new post arrives!

With Love until next time,




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