Gift Certificate


The mystical power of “The Little Guys” Sculptures is the way they are seen uniquely by each viewer. Each sculpture can represent a range of feelings, an inner child, or be perceived as needing love one day and bringing joy the next. Most importantly, they are daily reminders to love one’s self. This Gift Certificate gives your loved one the ability to choose which “Little Guys” Sculpture speaks to them.


You will receive the Gift Certificate showing Your Name and an Exclusive Coupon Code for your Giftee to order their choice of one sculpture from “The Little Guys” Sculpture Series. The Certificate will be delivered to you or your Giftee (your choice) in a beautiful pearlized envelope with a matching sticker to seal your gift with love.


Your giving of this gift, combined with the Giftee’s selection of their perfect sculpture, will become a unique and precious symbol of love for a lifetime.


“The Little Guys” Sculptures are hand-made of marble dust and shipped directly from Greece.


Please note the Special Instructions for ordering in Shopping Cart.