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The Mission of the Artist, the Art, and the Company

2013_05_11Greece(3)_Santorini_ObservatoryTo know Sheri Herr or to know about her art and her Company, one must only know one important fact. It’s all about FEELINGS! This is Sheri’s mission. She hopes you will discover and experience the authentic feelings within yourself each time you visit this site.

In Sheri’s heart, and at the heart of her experiential art and company, Eye Am Experience, is the living out of a life purpose to create avenues for self-discovery and self-actualization. The stepping-stones for such a journey lie within authentic feelings. For each human, the journey is different because each is unique. Only we can sense what is right for ourselves and what is not. This sense lives within our authentic feelings. Feelings are our inherent guide to our personal truth. Listening with commitment and acceptance to this unique voice from within can deliver a life of joy, peace, happiness, love, and harmony. This is what most humans are longing for. This is what all humans deserve and what our lives were given to be. But first, the feelings! We must begin to understand the importance of feelings, that they are our personal guides for our life journey. Without authentic feelings, there is NO real experience possible. There is NO truth happening. There is NO ability to experience love. There is NO chance of unconditional happiness. There will be NO harmony for our species. It is time to evolve, to return to harmony, to learn to live from love and love our own being. Love is a feeling.

Sheri received the importance of feelings as her mission and purpose in what she knows to have been her first lifetime. She has lived for twenty-five years of her current life with the awareness of her purpose and committed her life to fulfil it. Learning to stand in the truth about her being has often been a great challenge. To meet these challenges, she receives guidance from The Great Spirits whenever she asks. Sheri inherently knew she must follow only the guidance she was receiving even though initially, she did not know from where it came. She made the conscious choice to walk forward on her path, listening only to the feelings in her heart and the guidance of The Spirits – no reading, no spiritual workshops, no following spiritual leaders or studying religions. She has listened to and honored The Great Spirits’ teachings, worked continually to resolve whatever pain resided within, let go of every belief she had formed and has slowly grown to live from the Universal Wisdom she receives. She has learned always to seek the full experience of her feelings knowing they are her unique compass for what is right, not only for her but also for all. For twenty-five years, she has done whatever was required to fulfill her purpose knowing that to do so she must first self-discover and self-actualize her own being.

The final step in Sheri’s actualization process was to let go completely into the unknown. This required that she dispose of almost all her personal belongings and home to live in for two years from one suitcase without a personal address. Today, Sheri knows it is time to share her life experience of self-discovery and of how it has been to walk the path of self-actualization. Ten years after closing her first art company, The Fine Art of Feelings, she founded a new company, Eye Am Experience, and returned to manufacturing her art as part of her self-actualizing into the instrument she was born to be. Her intention is to fulfill her life purpose, creating avenues for others’ self-discovery and self-actualization. Sheri is humbled to contribute the gifts she holds to foster the evolution of humanity for our return to harmony.

The Eye Am Symbol

The Eye Am Symbol represents a journey that goes from living with a frame of reference focused on the "rules" of the outside world to living from your Essence, extending your uniqueness, as it is "right for you", into the outside world.  As you follow this animated journey, imagine…where do you "live" in this moment? See what happens.