“The Little Guys” Sculpture Series© (set of 10)


This set contains the original nine “Little Guys” sculptures plus the newest 2018 Edition, “Proud”. They are a powerful tool for evoking and processing emotions with populations of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. They can each provide a gentle stimulus to identify, articulate, and comfort a current emotional state, a few together can symbolize a family system, or their mere presence can establish a safe environment.


A 2018 Clinical Study titled The Range of Perceived Emotion States in ‘The Little Guys’ Figures conducted with 100 participants ages 18 – 65  revealed that each piece has a wide range of 70-285 perceived emotion states per piece. This universal characteristic creates a versatile and adaptable canvas for each individual to see themselves and their emotions.


Hand-made in Greece of Pentili Marble dust, these sculptures have all the qualities of natural stone. They are beautiful to display and inviting to hold with a smooth, comforting feel. Each piece warms in your hands and will polish over time as they are used and loved. The pieces range in height from 5 ¼” to 7 ¼” and weigh approximately 1 1/2 pounds which gives the impression of significance when held.


Shipped FREE from Greece.


SKU: 9300-10