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Get Involved: Creating The Big Visions

The Eye Am Experience Visions:

Over the 24 years that Sheri Herr has been the instrument of healing artworks, she periodically received visions of immense experiences that provide simultaneous avenues for large audiences. In these experiences, although a group participation will exist, each person will have a uniquely experience of their personal Truth.  Each of the grand visions “arrived” with a minimal understanding of its inherent power and an awareness that these experiences are to be constructed so that they can travel throughout the world.

Launching the Vision Projects:

To bring these visions to reality, collaborators and sponsors are required.  It is Sheri’s intention to begin work toward creating the first visions during 2015, utilizing as a catalyst to gather resources and collaborators. She trusts that the visions will evolve just as they must and she understands that it is her responsibility to open the possibility for their creation and to receive what opportunities arrive to that end.

Invitation to Collaborate for the Manifestation of the Eye Am Experience Visions:

Sheri invites you to reflect and imagine as you browse the capsulated descriptions and purpose of the four Visions introduced here.  If you feel called or inspired to contribute to the creation of one or more of the experience visions, please contact Sheri Herr to express your interest. As the collaborators reveal themselves, this section of our website will grow to accommodate the evolving creations.