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The Rebirth of “The Little Guys”

The story as told by the Artist…….

The guiding signs for taking this journey began early in what is now a twenty-three year quest to discover and actualize the authentic me. Just as the appearance of “The Little Guys” images arrived out of the blue one day, so too did many subsequent “hint happenings” with regard to their presence. You might say that for twenty years I constantly felt that “The Little Guys” were pointing me toward discovering an ancient connection – in Greece!

The actual journey toward the rebirth of “The Little Guys” began one morning in the fall of 2011. Barely awake, the message “arrived” loud and clear. “You better get to Greece, you aren’t getting any younger!” Heading immediately to the computer, I began the search for where to start! Within a few hours, the gift of a place to stay in the Cycladic Greek Islands arrived (open-ended and for barter!). On a shoestring and a lot of Faith, the journey to Greece and a beautiful stone cottage by the Aegean Sea started four months later.


View from the cottage by the Aegean Sea, Azalas, Naxos, Greece

That first three month trip to Greece was a once in a lifetime experience. Two subsequent trips, in 2013 and 2014, continued the gift of sustained peace in a nature-filled environment. From the sun, the sea, the creatures, and the Love of an adopted family, deeper levels of healing and higher levels of consciousness were gained. Throughout was the gift of an unfettered ability to pursue the ancient Greek connections to the art arriving through me in this lifetime. The cottage by the sea has become “home.”

The final “guidepost” as related to “The Little Guys” appeared on the island of Naxos and pointed to a small family owned factory in Athens. A year passed before returning to Greece to meet with the owners. The original art and artifact reproductions in their showroom indicated a high quality of products. Our discussion revealed how capable they were to produce “The Little Guys”. Moreover, they could do so utilizing earth-friendly processes and materials! The thought of reaching this kind of harmony (not true in the original reproductions) for the sake of the art, the workers, and the Earth represented the possible fulfillment of a long time dream. Another year passed before I learned that the so-called “material” was indeed ancient stone – marble from the same quarry where Golden Age Greeks harvested materials to create the Acropolis monuments!

View of the Athens Acropolis from the factory roof

View of the Athens Acropolis from the factory roof

The factory owners, taken with the story of “The Little Guys” and with the eighteen years of clues that led to finding their factory, expressed a desire to bring the sculptures back to market. They undertook the production of a sample “Little Guy”. Three months later, they presented a piece that was beyond anything imagined! The sculpture looked more “natural” in stone yet it had all the important tactile properties of the original reproductions.

A growing desire to return to life purpose (creating healing art) coupled with the continued inquiries about the sculptures’ availability fostered the final leap of Faith nine months later. We initiated manufacturing of the nine sculpture series in Athens at the beginning of 2014. The senior factory owner (an artist himself) set the bar when he initially proclaimed they could produce sculptures that were more beautiful and more powerful.

The first marble sculpture made in Greece (heart yet to be painted)

The first marble sculpture made in Greece (heart yet to be painted)

A three-month period to start production was predicted. It soon became apparent that “The Little Guys” aren’t as simple as they look! Despite the MANY challenges, and the passing of a year, the factory remained committed to the rebirth, as they say, of the “Mikrá Anthro̱pákia” (little people).

In March 2015, the first shipment of sculptures arrived from Greece.  “The Little Guys” are once again ready for market via their new company, Eye Am Experience.

What unfolds from here is unknown. What is certain is that Guardians and Angels all over the world have championed “The Little Guys” since their mystical arrival in 1992. There is no reason to believe that won’t remain true. Whatever comes, they are a blessing to follow.