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“The Little Guys” Sculpture Series©

“The Little Guys” are empty vessels, innocently awaiting a past, present and future that will arrive with the one who views or holds them. These simple, childlike figures represent universal emotions that lie beneath the surface of struggling humans. In their representation, they provide concrete reflections of feelings that are otherwise abstract. Transformed into beautiful interactive tools, the pieces become powerful facilitators and have proven clinically to expedite the externalization and processing of difficult emotions within populations of all ages, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Hand crafted in Greece from ancient marble, these sculptures range in height from 5 1/4″ to 7 1/4″. Each weighs approximately 1 1/2 pounds. The natural stone allows them to warm in the hand and their highly smooth finish promotes loving attachment and the experience of comforting.

Special Edition Sculptures

Experiencing "The Little Guys"

The nine pieces within the Sculpture Series are beautiful works of art but they truly come to life when held. Utilizing the senses of sight and touch, each piece "becomes" the holder and is then seen or interpreted uniquely when joined with the individual's life experience. Imagine your hands holding each feeling or emotion as you view this video. Be aware of how you are feeling as you watch to gain a sense of the power and purpose of "The Little Guys".