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Grief Self-Critical Shame Embarrassed Abandoned Rage Fear Self-Discovery Crumbling Proud

Click on each sculpture above to view its details or view “The Little Guys” Sculpture Series©

“The Little Guys” Sculptures are empty vessels, innocently awaiting a past, present, and future that arrives with the one who views or holds them. They are designed as tactile tools and have been clinically proven to powerfully facilitate processing difficult emotions with all ages, cultures, nationalities, or backgrounds. Made in Greece of marble dust from the same quarry where the Golden Age Greeks harvested stones to build the Acropolis in 447-438 BC, each piece is hand-made and meticulously sanded to a smooth, inviting touch. A clinical study completed with 100 participants, The Range of Perceived Emotion States in ‘The Little Guys’ Figuresrevealed the perceptions of these sculptures are highly unique to each viewer.

Special Edition Sculptures

Experiencing "The Little Guys"

Each piece of "The Little Guys" Sculpture Series is a beautiful work of art, but they truly come to life when held. Utilizing the senses of sight and touch, each piece "becomes" the holder and is then seen or interpreted uniquely when joined with the individual's life experience. As you view this video, imagine your hands holding each feeling or emotion. Be aware of how you are feeling while you are watching each piece being held to gain a sense of the power and purpose of "The Little Guys."