“The Little Guys” Bronze Miniatures©



“The Little Guys” Bronze Miniatures is a set of 10 tiny bronze sculptures, each measuring only 2 inches tall and 3/8 inch thick. They reflect a wide range of feelings, always unique to each viewer. The bronze material gives them significant weight in the hand indicating the importance of each feeling. They are the perfect healing tool for Family Systems work, Play Therapy, and Sand Tray. Use one as a metal celebrating sobriety or all 10 for storytelling with young children or for self’s child within. Choose one each day to use as a focus for writing or tuck it in a pocket as a touch-tone to self or a lost loved one. Each piece is handmade in Greece. The drawstring pouch is included.



See a session transcript with these Miniatures & a young child.


Shipped FREE from Greece.



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