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“little guys” overcome language barriers

I teach English to adults from countries all over the world. Some have come to America looking for a better job, while others have come to escape terrible situations. All have different fears and insecurities, and all are homesick.

For our conversation time in class, we are always looking for simple, clear pictures that they can describe with their new, limited English words. Usually we use pages torn out of magazines, but it’s difficult to find photos that they can all relate to. For example, a bride & groom from an American magazine look very different than a bride from India or Africa.

However, when I saw the Little Guys, I knew they would be PERFECT for our classes, and they are! The universal emotions of fear, joy, embarrassment, loneliness, etc. are easily understood by all. The students are so eager to hold them, and with heads vigorously nodding, they will say, “Yes! I feel like THEESE one!”

My students love the Little Guys, and so do I!

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