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“Chaos & Serenity”

An Eye Am Experience – Revealing the Universe Within


Purpose of the Works of Art:

To provide side-by-side, contrasting experiences that simply convey the cause and effect of living in and from a state without self-realization as opposed to living from and in a state of self-harmony.

Brief Description:

These major works of art, estimated to be a minimum of 10 feet in height, will stand alone in a large, darkened space with ample room for the light beams to spread onto the floor at an estimated 10-foot circumference. The core constructions are identical with only the variation of figures around each work and an added exterior detail (a ring to mirrors surrounding the Chaos work). Two white lights descend from directly above each work and enter the center core crystals. The light is then split into a seven-color spectrum that radiates from the core crystal out and through seven translucent figures seated around each of the core crystals.

The Anticipated Affect:

The distant viewing of the two works will immediately establish the contrast. As participants begin to circle the works, two distinctly different experiences will begin.

  • Walking around the Chaos work will create a visual of the energies of chaos and a feeling of conflict. Because the light colors are unable to reach the viewer, instead deflected back into the work causing confusion and lack of clarity, there is an absence of a direct energy experience (connectivity).
  • Walking around the Serenity work will create both a visual of harmony and a direct energy experience as the viewer steps into the different light colors surrounding the work. It is believed that one particular color will be more powerful than the other colors for each viewer, indicating their Primary Purpose Energy.

Collaborations Needed:

  • Sponsorships or Donors
  • Exhibit Space (and subsequent spaces in other cities or countries)
  • Chrystal Structures
  • Lighting Technician
  • Musical Director
  • Construction Workers


If you are interested in contributing to the manifestation of this vision, please contact Sheri Herr.