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“Imaginary Friends”

An Eye Am Experience – Revealing the Universe Within

The vision received, beginning in 1992, by artist Sheri Herr is of an experiential performance. It continued to unfold over time until Sheri now holds the base essence of the performance and the knowing that other souls hold primary aspect that will serve their personal purpose in the process of manifesting this vision. The critical elements received will remain critical to the final production. However, the specifics of the performance will depend on the artists that join the team of c-creators.


Purpose of the Performance:

The purpose of this Performance is to shed light (or visually ‘concretize’) how humans can be disenfranchise from their authentic feelings (self) throughout their lives causing a disconnection from true self and innate gifts. The mission is to create a performance experience through music, dance, light, and a universal story that gives the audience an intimate, associative experience and to “see” the value of living and relating from one’s authentic and unique feeling response.

Brief Description:

The script will be comprised of a series of vignettes that follow the life journey of one main character from birth to death. Accompanying the main character in all the vignettes are dancers, each dressed in an exclusive color that represent the authentic feelings of the main character. Specific lighting and music created to reflect a specific feeling energy will be associated with each of the feeling dancers. Through the journey of the main character, he/she will experience the loss of true self and the rediscovery of it. The ending scene brings a reconnection with authentic self and thus harmony between the main character and his/her feelings. From this regained harmony, the actors will interact with members of the audience at the finale.

The Anticipated Affect:

Utilizing multiple visual stimuli (color; light; instrumental music and song; and movement) combined with universal life experiences throughout the performance (ex: childhood play, parental relationship, school experience, marriage, loss of a loved one, etc), will open members of the audience to associate personally with the story and main character from their own life experiences. This provides the audience with an opportunity to gain a unique awareness, perhaps for the first time, of how they may have lost connection with true self in similar life experiences. This awareness can foster the opening of an “inner” door and a desire to rediscover self. Witnessing scenes when authentic feelings are hidden, verses scenes when they were not, will demonstrate the futility of living from non-authentic feelings (realized or not) as well as provide incentives for embracing and acting from authentic feelings or true self.

Collaborations Needed:

  • Donor(s) / Producer(s)
  • Director
  • Play writer
  • Composer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Choreographer
  • Actors
  • Dance Troop
  • Performance Space (and subsequent spaces in other cities or countries)
  • Stage Hands
  • Marketing and Promotion Professional or Company


If you are interested in contributing your gift(s) to the manifestation of this visioned performance, please contact Sheri Herr.