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An Eye Am Experience – Revealing the Universe Within

Upon completion, this work of art will travel to and be experienced as evening performances in open-air venues throughout the world.  This type of presentation environment will enable the simultaneous experience of “One” by large, diverse audiences and enhance the conveyance of its inherent message.  


Purpose of the Art Installation:

The purpose of creating this public work of art is to provide its collaborators’, sponsors’, and audiences’ an experience of Self-Essence as can be discovered through the universal senses of sight and sound. This awareness points the viewer to the significance of acting from one’s unique Life Force with clarity and the importance of honoring the contrast of other Life Force Energies as essential to creating Harmony.

Brief Description:

This multi-media work will stand a minimum of 15-20 feet tall.  Its framework will contain vibration (sound) sensitive panels that will react by illuminating in particular colors that are unique to that panel when exposed to a certain tone, cord, or sound.  The illuminating colors will include pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & white.

The Anticipated Affect:

As the colors within “One” are activated by music (sound vibrations), observers will begin to notice one color over others – sensing (consciously or subconsciously) an alignment with this color or vibration.  It is this awareness or observation that “tunes” the viewer to their Self-Essence – their Unique Purpose – their Personal Life Force Energy. Through the group experience of “One,” a sighted understanding will be gained that distinct and unique forces (each energy, each color, each essence) are necessary to the creation of “One.”

Although the artist received this vision and drawing a year prior to the 9/11 tragedy in New York City, she has felt since that day that the structure in this drawing is that of the spires left standing in front of the World Trade Center. She believes that utilizing a replica of those spires will contribute to the return of the universal feeling of human compassion and unity experienced around the world on that day.

Collaborations Needed:

  • Sponsorships, Hosts, and Donors
  • Avenue to acquiring access to the spires removed from the WTC site (now in storage).
  • Space to Construct the Structure
  • Lighting Director / Technician
  • Musical Director / Composer
  • Outdoor Exhibit Space (and subsequent spaces in other cities or countries)
  • Marketing and Promotion Specialist
  • Shipping Specialist

If you are interested in contributing to the manifesting of this vision, please contact Sheri Herr.