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Try Some Writing: Shed Light By Journaling!

Sheri Herr pulled an empty old ledger from her desk at age forty in desperation, hoping to find some relief. Struggling in her marriage, working an inordinate amounts of hours running her business, involved heavily as a community leader, and feeling herself an incompetent mother to her young child,  she was lost and lonely. All she knew at the time was that somehow she had to find some place to say what she was truly going through inside because she couldn’t tell anyone. No one knew, and no one would understand.

Sheri had never heard of journaling and certainly it was not her intent. But, in the end, that old ledger and this one small choice eventually became her saving grace. She had only made two entries in the ledger when on the third day her husband died suddenly of a heart attach. That night she found herself writing in the ledger about his leaving as if she were in a dream. She didn’t write again until she entered therapy eighteen months later. She remained partially in shock from her loss of not only her husband but, by then, of their home, their neighborhood, her ability to work, and all sense of direction. After only one therapy session, again, she needed to find a way to express what was happening. She found the ledger and began again. Sheri continued to journal, nearly everyday for the next twenty years.

It was in her journals that Sheri discovered herself, discovered her ability to dialogue with her fears or ego. Her Dialogues with Great Spirits began there and often it was on the pages of her journals that tiny artworks would appear. It never mattered what she said there in those pages or how messy it looked. This was for her eyes only. The journals became her best friend, her companion but most of all, the place where she could be totally honest about anything, especially about herself.

This exercise is designed to try your hand at writing about YOU!  With writing about you, you can create a picture of the inside of you that then becomes a reflection on the outside for you to see! It’s a way to explore you without judgement. It’s a way to allow yourself to let go and “say” whatever you want! And, it’s a way to be “with” yourself in a new and very intimate way. Or, who knows, perhaps there is a poet within to be discovered!

Soon we will begin to periodically post suggestions to get you started or get you into a more creative space with your writing about you. Perhaps you will want to buy a little journal or perhaps you too have an old ledger you never used just waiting for you to purpose.

Thanks for your patience. We promise, the postings will start soon!