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Visit The Fine Art of Feelings Virtual Gallery

An Eye Am Experience – Revealing the Universe Within


We welcome you to our Virtual Gallery and wish you a wonderful journey with the Artworks you will find here!

This Virtual Gallery is exclusively for your journey of self-discovery. Sheri Herr, as an instrument for the works, assembled this collection of her drawings as a way for you to discover your authentic feelings and realize your personal truth. Please consider this gallery a tool that you can use over many visits “to check-in” with how you are feeling and to sense the progress on your journey. It’s a place or way to take some “me” time, to get quiet, and to listen to your heart’s whispers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to maximize the benefit of this Experience:

spiral for paragraphsVideo Experience Length: 13.5 minutes – set aside enough time.

spiral for paragraphsMake sure you are in a quiet setting so you can fully enjoy the experience without interruption or distractions.

spiral for paragraphsOne or more of the images may touch you deeply so privacy might be important.

spiral for paragraphsThe Artworks will take you through a journey so watch it all the way through to end the experience on an up note!

spiral for paragraphsIf you come to an image that deeply touches you or speaks to you in some way, stop the video and spend some time with it. Trust you will know when to continue. Do continue (to get to that up note!).

spiral for paragraphsBefore you begin, take a few deep breaths and relax as much as possible. Perhaps sit back, close your eyes and tune into your body sitting right where you are – Be “IN” yourself as much as possible.

spiral for paragraphsLet go of whatever is going on in your life just now or what is on your to-do list, just be here for these few minutes of your life.

spiral for paragraphsBe positive! There is nothing better than finding YOU in any moment no matter the feelings that arise. They are your feelings; they are you having your true experience. Embrace whatever arrives within.

spiral for paragraphsEnjoy discovering you in this experience!


Now, sit back, take your deep breaths (as many as you like) and begin when YOU feel it is right to do so…