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Poetry in Process

Here you will find a selection of poetry written by Sheri during her journaling sessions over a period of two decades. Having never written poetry prior to her therapy, she surprisingly discovered that reducing a situation or struggle to simplicity could shift her perspective or reveal an answer. As she wrote in her journal, she began to sensed that a poem was near (much as “The Little Guys” drawings began). Often, the clarity that was revealed in these poems, brought her to powerful decisions about how she would live her life forward. They are simply the pure reflections from of a little girl lost who was being found, learning to love herself, and choosing to follow a path to be all that she could be.

1st poem – Written as she began therapy and was just realizing that there was an undiscovered person buried beneath the pain she had avoided all her life.  Her struggle on this day was with an assignment given to her by her therapist:


Not an assignment for the week
A lifetime pursuit

Without a doubt, I am a survivor
At what cost I am not sure

For I am also an energy flow of love
To just survive stops my flow

I am sensitive and from this
Comes my precious creativity

I am a bundle of frustrations and fears
As a result of forty-two years

My cloak is green and red
And yellow and black

 But far, far within
I am purple.

S. Herr, January 1991
(Prior to making the decision to enter what she felt was her cave of pain)


More poetry on the near horizon………….