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New Products on the Horizon

New Product Development driven by Demand:
The products below were offered for sale by The Fine Art of Feeling from 1993-2002. Each product was utilized in clinical testing and proved to be powerful tools within the therapeutic or healing process. Eye Am Experience wishes to return these products to market and will do so based on demand. To start production on any product requires only a few committed customers willing to place advance orders. If you are interested in one of the products below and would like to become a “Angel Customer,please contact the artist to let her know!  Join our mailing list (bottom of this page) to receive announcements about new arriving products,


11C-DOORWAY#2_GRAPHIC_NEWPRODUCTS_Self-DiscoveryBook(bound)2“Self-Discovery – A Book of Experiential Drawings

This 11 inch x 11 inch, spiral bound book contains forty of “The Little Guys” drawings received by Sheri Herr in 1992. Their unexpected arrival brought with them the new yet undeniable awareness of Sheri’s life purpose – to create artful avenues toward self-discovery and self-love.

First published in 1997 by The Fine Art of Feelings as a prototype for clinical testing, the book became a tool for self exploration, discussions with children, and a companion for journaling. In addition to the initial pencil drawings, a few color works will be added to next publishing.

Here is a small sampling of “The Little Guys” drawings that will be included:


“The Little Guys” Art Cards

The publishing of The Self-Discovery Book above facilitates the further use of the forty images mounted individually on 11 inch by 11 inch card stock to create a set of forty “Little Guys” Art Cards. Packaged in bookshelf size boxes, each containing ten cards.

“The Little Guys” Photo CardsTLGSculpturePhotoCards

Enjoy the three-dimensional feel of “The Little Guys Sculptures” in this two-dimensional product! A set of nine Cards, each containing one of “The Little Guys” from the Sculpture Series. These cards are easy to transport, shipped in a bookshelf box and can be used with many clinical techniques or as focus works for individual journaling or processing. The Photo Cards are an affordable way to enjoy “The Little Guys” Sculptures.



“The Wall”WallSculpture –  A Special Edition Sculpture

A symbol of protection yet loneliness, this image was among the first drawn by Sheri Herr. Inscribed in the base is the poem she “received next to the drawing. The new edition of this work will be made of marble and set into a matching wood box frame.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 inch base, 8 1/2 inch height. (Shown with “The Little Guys” Fear Sculpture)


BehindTheWall_Detail“The Little Guys” Print Collection

This Collection consists of twelve 19 x 24 inch high quality prints. The are reproduced with graphite color ink on Strathmore paper to replicate the original pencil drawings. Often mounted on boards for use as focus pieces in group therapy sessions, they are equally as powerful framed to create a healing environment.  Sold individual or as a set of twelve.

The Collection includes the following Titles:
Behind the Wall, Co-Dependency, Overwhelmed, Abandoned, Crumbling, Shame,
Fear, Rage, Entombed, Lonely, and Spirituality

If you are interested in one of the products above and wish to be an “Angel Customer” to help get them back into production by placing an advanced order, please contact Sheri Herr.
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